Software Features

Free Cloud Platform

Everything in one place - easy and intuitive overview and control over all your Devices as well as connected Inputs and Outputs, via a secure connection.
Anywhere, anytime, free of charge.

Dashboard view

View real-time and historical sensor data and alarms at a glance. Share your data by exporting graphs to PDF, CSV or JSON formats. Remotely control Relay Outputs and stay on top of your infrastructure.

Temperature & Humidity alarm setup

Set up thresholds and configure smart alarm features to be notified exactly when it matters.

Digital Inputs

Configure Digital Inputs by customizing name and status labels, default Input state and alarm suppression feature.

Relay Outputs

Configure Relay Outputs by setting a custom name and the initial state of the relay. Use the powerful Rule Creator for automated responses or trigger the Relay Outputs manually.

Rule Creator

Create and edit custom rules that trigger Relay Outputs based on various parameters including other Output states, Digital Input states, sensor values and time periods.


Advanced alerting system uses email to notify users about important events.


Integrate directly with Supracontrol Cloud Platform or Devices by using secured HTTP API. There's no need to learn the specifics of Supracontrol communication, we made things easy for developers.